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For parents who sent their child to study abroad

Forget about the sleepless nights worrying about your children studying abroad. Forget about expensive roaming charges and enormous international calling fees! From now on, enjoy communicating with your loved ones as much as you want! Call using your number at the domestic calling rates!

For super businessmen who always on business trips abroad

Still scary to pick up the phone when travelling abroad because of expensive roaming fees? From now on, forget about deciding if it worth or not to pick up the phone, and just enjoy communication with everybody anytime, and become always reachable professional partner!

Students dreaming about studying abroad

Still think that it is necessary to cancel the phone when going to study abroad? From now on, continue to use your number to communicate with your friends and family. Easy and cheap.

Travellers planning to travel abroad

No matter what country you go, continue to freely enjoy communicating with people you love! Even cheaper when using a local SIM card.

How much can you save by using OTO Roaming? (KRW)

Country OTO Roaming General roaming (Standart 20 minutes)
Day Week
USA Unlimited free 90,280 649,960
Japan Unlimited free 38,800 271,600
China Unlimited free 76,240 551,680

* When using voice calling mode, make sure to connect to WiFi or buy an unlimited data pan to avoid any additional charges due to roaming.