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CTI technology is necessary when corporation establishes call center for customer satisfaction. Due to recent advances in IT technology, CTI technology becomes particularly popular as a core technology for multimedia call center. It allows enterprises to establish a relationship with clients, that is, It is a basic technology for marketing.

CO-CTI Solution [ CO-CTI Lite / CO-CTI Enterprise ]

CO-CTI Lite CO-CTI Enterprise
Register, change and delete working hour info.
Register, change and delete counselor info.
Counselor/Channel/System monitoring.
basic statistics
- Call time per each counselor, answering rate per each counselor etc
Includes all functions of CO-CTI Lite version

CTI Queue
- Plot a scenario and connect counselor using CTI Queue

- Several methods connecting client’s call to counselor

Plot scenario and CALL Routing using ANI, DNIS information

Notice setting, System environment setting

- Possible to manage system and counselor status and monitor by providing manager Console.

- Answering rate of counselor classified by time or service, Statistics of incoming calls based on scenario, Statistics of Call forwarding, call flow analysis / EXCEL storage function

Applied field

  • Call Center(Contact Center) for customer service
  • TM(Tele Marketing) field
  • Customer management at financial institutions
  • Telephone public opinion survey by research agent
  • Election campaign

Expected effect of introduction

  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs
    - Possible to interlock with existing client system such as CRM, PRM, ERP.
    - Placement of the proper number of personnel based on statistical analysis.
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    - Speedy task processing and providing various service.
  • Develop promoting and marketing strategy
    - By updating client information continuously and analyzing Customer’s preference and response on the basis of database
  • Increase sales
    - Increase sales by promoting and marketing strategy