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OPENVACS sells Unicoi’s product mainly as a Media package like RoIP, VoIP, and Set top Box. Still we are also selling as a Network Stack separately. ( IPV6, FTP, RTSP, SAX, HTML UI, SSL/TLS, IPSec, SRTP, SIPS etc) Among the package products, InstaVoIP is the best VoIP package which supports all big four platforms such as embedded, mobile, desktop and module.


"InstaVoIP" is a solution used when developing H/W and S/W. The term, "InstaVoIP" is formed from the worlds “instant” and “VoIP”, which means that you can produce VoIP products instantly. In practice, one of our clients completed and supplied the product In 2 months. It proves that it is possible to produce products very quickly.

Single Source Solution
"Unicoi" solution is a Single source solution, so Unicoi is developing all sources by themselves. This is why it is possible to provide technical support and respond to any problems compared to open sources.

Commercial Grade Software
Unicoi solution has no difficulty in software application because the directions for every protocol are well documented. Also, all around the world about 400 corporations have already been using Unicoi solution, which proves its stability and quality.

Complete Hardware & Software Design Services
The members of Unicoi Systems consist of hardware developers as well as software developers. When developing hardware, Unicoi clients can get the service until the products are completed.

InstaVoIP Mobile

InstaVoIP Mobile supports all the existing Mobile OS, including Android / iOS / Mango.

InstaVoIP Desktop

InstaVoIP Desktop supports every OS you need, including Win32 / Linux / Mac.


InstaVoIP V2IP is a solution which provides video function and supports Android.


InstaVoIP Embedded can be operated in any OS because it is driven by CODE of ANSI-C. Unicoi supports almost all RTOS including Micro C/OS, Thread X, VxWorks, etc.


InstaVoIP Module has three parts: 516-CN Module, 516PoE Module, and Development Kit. 516-CN Module: As a Carrier Module type, it is a half finished product that needs Mother Board.
516-PoE Module: As a Standalone type, it operates independently and can be powered by PoE(Power over Ethernet)
Development Kit: If you develop a product by utilizing two Modules above, you can modify software by using DEV Kit.


This is a product using InstaVoIP 516-PoE Module and is used for Emergency Call-Box and Network Speaker. As this product offers 1:1 and 1: N communication, individual communication and Broadcasting are also possible.

RoIP Gateway

RoIP Gateway is called Radio over IP because it is a device which enables communications through radio signals over IP.
RoIP Gateway is known as a term, “Interoperability” abroad and is mainly used for interaction between different types of communication devices. It is mainly used for military, police, public office, Emergency Management Agency, ship, construction, and industrial complex.
It supports almost all communication modes including, but not limited to, Radio, TRS, SATCOM, PSTN, VoIP, mVoIP, 3G, LTE.


You can choose security related stack such as SRTP / SIPS / AES 128bit / ARIA etc. as an option. You can choose IPv4/v6 Dual Mode as an Option.
IPv6 is verified up to Ready Phase II.